Who We Are


We split our time between a cabin in the woods on top of a mountain in Kentucky’s Red River Gorge and a southwestern ranch at the base of the San Juan Mountains in Colorado.

That pretty much sums it up.

Not really…there are so many layers as to “who” we are.

We are many things…happy, passionate, creative, adventurous, smart, spiritual, athletic…

We are photographers, climbers, hikers, astronomy buffs, animal lovers…

We love to watch The Walton’s over and over again (what DID happen to grandma??).

We love to ride our bikes through the Red River Gorge and hike over it’s rocky spine to find a perfect overlook.

We love sushi and ice cream.  (but not together)

We collect wind chimes and fossils and empty turtle shells.

We love each other simply.

Ok, now that pretty much sums it up.  But not really…


Photo above taken by the lovely Kate Sands