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I must say, Dave and I have been REALLY lucky when it comes to the weather.  We’ve only had a couple of weddings that have had to be moved indoors…and those were eons ago…way past.  We were pretty sure that Mother Nature had a mutual understanding with us…we would respect her flora and fauna and she’d bless us with good weather.  Makes logical sense to me. Well…I think we did something to really upset her this past weekend.

It all started off great.  The sun was out.  Not a cloud in the sky.  We all met up at the Gallery…30 guest, me, Dave, the bride, the groom.  Dave went on ahead to decorate while I stayed behind to lead the way to the site.  Not one of us looked at the radar.  Not one of us.  Why should we?  No clouds… It all made perfect sense.

The ceremony started off fine…and then we saw it…I should say the wedding guest and I saw it…not Dave nor the wedding party.  We could actually SEE the rain racing across the valley.  We actually only saw it for a total of 5 seconds.  It was coming at us fast…to fast to warn anyone.

And then…TOTAL downpour.  We had about 5 seconds of sprinkle and then Mother Nature dumped a bucket of water on us.  Just to remind us that she was indeed in charge.

In our welcome packet for our wedding guest, we suggest they bring umbrellas…just in case…and about 7 of our guest that day had umbrellas.  Fortunately, I found someone quickly who stuck with me to ensure my gear didn’t get wet.

And here are the photos…all I can say is that poor, poor, puppy….


So…how exactly do you photograph a couple who is soaking wet?  We took everyone back to the gallery and turned up the heat.  I decided to simply photograph them in our garden…it turned up beautiful!


I wonder if this little pup has recovered…