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Backyard Wedding in Kentucky

The great thing about backyard weddings is you can have them any day of the week!  I love how this small gathering all came together.  This couple really thought everything out and kept it casual and low key keeping the family involved.  A good friend was the officiant, the parents cooked the meal, their good friends were the band (and a really good band!).  And they made me feel like part of the family too!

more to come!

This little guy is in for a surprise this coming August!  Double the fun!


This couple drove in from Louisville, had their ceremony and turned right back around to head towards home.  Why?  Because they had doggies at home and didn’t want to be away from them for too long.  Love couples like this!  They at least stopped in Lexington and had a nice dinner in downtown.

:-) Absolutely in love with these two little girls.

I have no idea how I’m going to handle their little brother when he comes into this world.  During out photo sessions my mind is playing hopscotch because they are both so darn cute I can’t focus on one for more than a few seconds because the other starts doing something beyond adorable.  This is what it is like in all of my sessions.  It seems the more I photograph a family, the more comfortable they become with me and the more happy I wake up on Sunday mornings because I know my day is going to be a good one simply because I will being doing what I love with people who enjoy my art.

Backyard Photo Session

Late afternoon photo session in this lovely families backyard last Sunday.  Perfect ending to my busy day of portrait sessions and a great memory to keep me smiling for the next two hours of driving home to my backyard in the lovely Red River Gorge.  What a fantastic day of portrait sessions!