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We would love to hear from you!

If you have gotten this far, you are probably interested in our services.  We would love to be able to work with you!

We photograph portrait sessions and weddings mostly in Cincinnati, Red River Gorge and Lexington.  However, we are available for weddings near and far…just ask!

We perform My Tiny Weddings mostly in the Red River Gorge and surrounding areas.

To inquire about our availability or any any other questions, simply email us with as much information as you can give us so that we may be able to give you an accurate answer.

Things we will need to know before we can give you a quote:

1. City/State/Country where the photography will be taking place.

2. Date desired for our services.

3. Type of services (portrait/wedding/officiating, etc).

4a. For our large wedding photography services: A realistic photography budget you would like to stick to and “must haves” you would like in your package.

4b. For our My Tiny Wedding inquiries: Number of guest and type of package you are interested in (check out our My Tiny Wedding site for our package options)

5. Phone number where we may reach you and best time to call (more than likely we will email you back, but we may have some additional questions)

6. Your name and email.

7.  How did you find out about us? (we like to know this so we know who to thank or where our advertising dollars should go).

Our email address is: or

We prefer to give price quotes thru email so everything is in writing for future reference.  But if you have other questions and would prefer a phone conversation, our number is 859-620-4487

We look forward to documenting your life event!

Our Services


What We Do

We have two businesses.

Steph&Dave Photography which specializes in photographing weddings and portraits.  Our main clientele area normally is Cincinnati, Lexington and Red River Gorge, Louisville, Columbus, Indianapolis and everywhere in between.  We also travel for weddings!

My Tiny Wedding caters to couples who want to have just that…a tiny wedding!  We provide officiating, photography, floral and cake and your choice of many gorgeous overlooks in the Red River Gorge.  These outdoor weddings are for 0-25 guest.  We also will officiate and photograph any size wedding in the Red River Gorge.  Visit our website for more information on what we can do.

About Us

Who We Are


We live in a cabin in the woods with three dogs and a very mean cat.

That pretty much sums it up.

Not really…there are so many layers as to “who” we are.

We are many things…happy, passionate, creative, adventurous, smart, spiritual, athletic…

We are photographers, climbers, hikers, astronomy buffs, animal lovers…

We love to watch The Walton’s over and over again (what DID happen to grandma??).

We love to ride our bikes through the Red River Gorge and hike over it’s rocky spine to find a perfect overlook.

We love sushi and ice cream.  (but not together)

We collect wind chimes and fossils and empty turtle shells.

We love each other simply.

Ok, now that pretty much sums it up.  But not really…


Photo above taken by the lovely Kate Sands