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A Tale of Five Pies

My Tiny Wedding had a wedding this past Monday and it all started out innocent enough.  Beautiful bride…only needing a photographer for a few hours and a pie or two.  Didn’t seem like too much for us.  Well…and many of these Tiny Weddings go…10 guest turn into 40 very quickly.  Before I knew it, I had agreed to make five pies.  That doesn’t seem like much but when you factor in that I insist on my cakes and desserts be COMPLETELY from scratch in addition that I had never made a pie before…well, it’s a pretty hefty order.  But, I had Dave I knew I could rely on.  Not.  Dave specializes in cold pies and this particular bride wanted baked pies.  Sooooo…I needed to buckle down and learn how to make a pie!  I decided to hit up the pie expert…the best pie maker I know.  Her pies outshine any other pie that I have ever tasted.  Dave’s mom.  While visiting his parents a couple of weeks ago, I had her teach me how to make the perfect pie crust from scratch.  She let me in on all her secrets and we made a pumpkin pie together.  Next I hit Pinterest.  If there is ever a website for beautiful photographs of food…Pinterest would be it.  I found some fantastic ideas for the crust borders and other creative takes on the pie decorating themes out there.  Finally, I scoured the internet for the best pie recipes I could imagine.  The more ingredients it had, the more enticed I was to try the recipe.  Late on Sunday evening, I started my pie adventure.  Monday morning as the last pies came out of the oven, I felt I had done the best I could have done…which is my goal in every aspect of My Tiny Wedding.  Create something that is beautiful and creative.  The pies were fantastic.  The guest loved them.  I scored mucho superwoman points with Dave.  All is good.  And now the pies…

Peach Pie


Apple Pie (Dave made the roses out of apple peels for me.


Cherry Pie


Berry Pie using berries we picked in the Red River Gorge this past summer.


Chocolate Cream Pie