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December Wedding

Steph Keller and I had a fantastic time photographing this lovely wedding in downtown Cincinnati in December.  We woke up to a beautiful day!  Kevin and Rachel were full of smiles and laughter which made everything go smoothly.  Happy to have shared this special day with them!

Katie and Brandon

Had a blast photographing this lovely wedding!  The rain came and went all day…from downpours to bright and sunny blissfulness.  They say rain brings you luck on your wedding day.  If this is the case, Brandon and Katie are going to have an absolute wonderful marriage!


I went back to my hometown a few weeks ago to St. Joe’s Church for this wedding.  I remember as a college student parking in their lot and waiting for the public transit bus to take me over to Cincinnati for my classes.  In the mornings I would ride the bus with this lady who had dark maroon hair.  Back in 1987, maroon hair was a very, very new thing.  I was mesmerized by it.  I would sit behind her and just stare at it.  That was until the older lady with the long flowing white hair and heavy make up started riding the bus.  She wore a lot of perfume and every morning would apply her lip stick…really bright red lip stick.  I would sit across from her because sitting behind her would smother me (because of all the perfume).  I loved watching her concentration and ability to apply it perfectly every time while dodging pot holes.  I wonder what ever happened to her.

What does this have to do with Lauren and Ben’s wedding?  Absolutely nothing except going there took me back to 1987 and those cold wintery days waiting for the bus.

I loved everything about this day…the flowers, the shoes, the awesome barn and outdoor shed we were able to use as backgrounds…and the weather that just barely cooperated with us.  I especially loved the dancing and all the energetic guest giving it everything they had when Johnny Cash’s “Jackson” started playing through the speakers.  It’s important to have a good DJ at your wedding.

Best of all…by original 2nd shooter joined me…STEPH KELLER!!!!!  Steph now has her own business, but back in the day we shot together.  I have never had a photojournalist who has compared to her since.  It was exactly 10 years ago that Saturday that we shot our first wedding together and this was the perfect way to celebrate.

…and now….Lauren and Ben….here you go!!!


my lover asks me:
“what is the difference
between me and the sky?”
the difference, my love,
is that when you laugh,
i forget about the sky.

— nizar qabbani

Michelle and Dan!

I’m convinced that Mother Nature loves Dan and Michelle.  She proved it on their wedding day.  With every single forecast predicting a 100% chance of heavy storms and rains scheduled right smack in the middle of their group formals, we were all holding our breaths early in the day through the heavy rains and thunderstorms.  But as soon as it came time for them to have their first look (the exact spot that Dan asked Michelle to be his girlfriend seven years ago), the rain stopped.  And by the time we started the formals Mother Nature was like, “Storms?  Rain?  What storms and rains?”  It wasn’t until they were being announced at the reception that the rain began to flow again.

Yep…someone is in with Mother Nature. 🙂