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December Wedding

Steph Keller and I had a fantastic time photographing

Katie and Brandon

Had a blast photographing this lovely wedding!  The

I went back to my hometown a few weeks ago to St. Joe&#


my lover asks me: “what is the difference between me

Michelle and Dan!

I’m convinced that Mother Nature loves Dan and

I don’t know what to name this post…

On a Tuesday this past February, I was online and a

24 hours = Sunday’s Child

I first met Jen and Carlos in 2005 when they booked me

Wednesday Wedding in the Gorge

We have weddings every day of the week.  It’s

Rainy Day in the Gorge

They say rain on your wedding day brings good luck.  

Rainy Wedding Ceremony

It seems like whenever we get a couple in from Texas,

Sunrise Wedding

Dave and I had the pleasure of starting our day with


I must say, Dave and I have been REALLY lucky when it

New Experiences in the woods | Red River Gorge Portrait Photography

I love introducing people to my passions.  Whether it

Sunset Wedding in Red River Gorge

Chelsea and Cody been together for 8 years…high

Red River Gorge Pregnancy Session

This couple came down to the Red River Gorge a few

Lexington Wedding

We are tying to photograph more weddings in Lexington,

“I don’t get your photographs”

I hear this often from people who are not my clients

New addition for Flea and Caroline

This is another one of my couples whom I’ve been

Busy Weekend

This holiday weekend has been busy going from one tiny

An Adventure to Remember

Dave captured this wedding beautifully.